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United States|Canada

U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar

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+0.00030 (+0.02%)
as of 16:28 EST

Last 149.97
Change +1.91 (+1.29%)
Open 148.93
Prev. Close 148.06
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 23,508,800
Avg Volume 22,768,336

Recent Headlines

Finally, USD/JPY Hesitantly Rises Today. A Bit Too

IF - Sat Nov 16, 03:54AM EST
USD/JPY has been steadily decreasing in recent days, as the bulls had trouble overcoming the orange resistance zone. The pair has ended its losing streak with today's rise, however. Does it mark the end of its decline, or is t(full story)

USDCHF Continues To Face Consolidation Threats

IF - Fri Nov 15, 10:28PM EST
USDCHF with the pair continuing to retain its consolidation threats, directional move is now a challenge.(full story)

Kudlow's comments rescue risk into overnight session.

IF - Fri Nov 15, 10:22AM EST
NEC Director says deal with China is close and that we are coming down to the short strokes. US yields and USDJPY bounce. Broad USD selling continued in Asia, dialed down in Europe, now back again. EURJPY (full story)

Emotional roller-coaster on US-China bets. US stocks

IF - Fri Nov 15, 12:37AM EST
Asian stocks were better bid on Friday except for Hong Kong, after White Houses Kudlow said that a trade deal is coming down to the short strokes.(full story)

The Euro Bulls Better Show Up And Soon

IF - Thu Nov 14, 01:24PM EST
The euro has been having a hard time catching a bid recently. Yet the pace of its decline has slowed day-by-day. The say that when everyone piles up in one direction, the market tends to surprise in the other. Does it mean that th(full story)

Markets in risk-off mode again after weak overnight

IF - Thu Nov 14, 10:30AM EST
WSJ article says: US-China Trade Talks Hit Snag Over Farm Purchases. Japan Q3 GDP disappoints. Australia shocks market with -19k job loss for October. Chinese Industrial Output and Retail Sales data for October misses expe(full story)

Elliott Wave View: USDJPY Remains Supported

IF - Wed Nov 13, 11:36PM EST
USDJPY sequence from Aug 27 low remains incomplete and pair can see further upside. This video looks at the short term Elliott Wave path.(full story)

Dow hits record on Disney rally. HK protests, China

IF - Thu Nov 14, 12:24AM EST
Hong Kong continues boiling as protests ratcheted up another notch with a complete paralysis of the city amid fear and uncertainty about when and how the unrest would ease. Subway and roads are blocked, schools are closed.(full story)

EURJPY More Weakness Envisaged On Bear Pressure

IF - Wed Nov 13, 04:25PM EST
EURJPY faces further downside pressure as it continues to retain corrective pullback threats.(full story)

Timing the Exit in the USD/CAD Fierce March Higher

IF - Wed Nov 13, 02:05PM EST
Weve discussed the loonie on Friday, just when the pair spiked higher. What has happened with our profitable open position since then? Have the bulls been able to add to their gains even more?(full story)

Broad "risk-off" flows kick in after Trump's speech.

IF - Wed Nov 13, 09:54AM EST
Trump doesnt deliver the constructive statement on China that traders were expecting. USD broadly higher with risk-off flows, ignoring US yield slump. USDCAD breaks above 1.3250. US reports mixed CPI number f(full story)

RBNZ throws a curveball. Equities down on waning

IF - Wed Nov 13, 12:43AM EST
Asian stock indices edged lower following a positive European and US session.(full story)

GOLD Broader Bias Remains To The Downside Short Term

IF - Tue Nov 12, 03:41PM EST
GOLD faces risk of more weakness in the days ahead as it retains its downside pressure.(full story)

Markets optimistic ahead of Trump speech.

IF - Tue Nov 12, 10:18AM EST
US 10s teased break above 1.95%, but backing up a bit now. President Trump to speak at 12pmET. Sources familiar with Trumps remarks say there will be a constructive statement on China. USDCAD on the verge of positive trend(full story)

Investors turn to cash on lack of further progress in

IF - Mon Nov 11, 11:59PM EST
Asian equities took over a flat-to-negative market on Tuesday, following a trading session painted in red both in European and US equity markets.(full story)