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United States|Canada

S&P Industrial Select

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-0.02 (unch)
as of Jan 17, 2020

Last 848.27
Change -0.02 (unch)
Open 847.81
Prev. Close 848.29
Today's Range
52wk Range
Sector All Sectors By Industry
Standard Deviation unch
Weighted Alpha +20.65

Recent Headlines

China's Xi ends Myanmar visit with flurry of

AP - 08:16AM EST
NAYPYITAW, Myanmar (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping ended a two-day state visit to Myanmar on Saturday after attending the signing of a raft of agreements buttressing bilateral relations and advancing Beijing's ambitious (full story)

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's compulsive claims of 'biggest'

AP - 08:18AM EST
WASHINGTON (AP) — Size matters to President Donald Trump. So much that he exaggerates continually, sometimes spectacularly, the size of what he does.(full story)

Minister: Germany needs China's Huawei to build 5G

AP - 05:53AM EST
BERLIN (AP) — Germany's interior minister is suggesting that his country can't build a 5G mobile network without Chinese tech giant Huawei, at least for now, intervening in an issue that has caused tensions between the U.S. (full story)

UK plans Brexit celebrations but warns businesses may

AP - 05:06AM EST
LONDON (AP) — The British government has announced plans for special events on the night of Jan. 31 when the country officially leaves the European Union but the country's treasury chief has admitted that some U.K. business (full story)

Chicago flights halted; plane slides off Kansas City

AP - Fri Jan 17, 11:20PM EST
CHICAGO (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration halted all flights in and out of Chicago's O'Hare Airport for hours Friday night due to a sprawling winter storm, which forced the closure of schools, universities and gover(full story)

Performance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
$IXI unch +3.85% +22.86%
DJIA +0.17% +6.75% +20.43%
S&P 500 +0.39% +8.29% +26.32%

Growth Rates

YTD +3.52%
1-Year +20.62%
3-Year +33.50%
5-Year +51.33%
10-Year +209.57%

Technical Opinion

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