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United States|Canada

S&P Financial Select

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+4.82 (+1.31%)
as of 13:59 EST

Last 372.68
Change +4.82 (+1.31%)
Open 369.46
Prev. Close 367.86
Today's Range
52wk Range
Sector All Sectors By Industry
Standard Deviation +1.55
Weighted Alpha +16.63

Recent Headlines

Bad timing: New virus poses threat to fragile world

AP - 02:08PM EST
This should be peak season for a 12-room hotel near the train station in the Chinese industrial hub of Wuhan. The Chinese New Year usually brings in plenty of travelers and delivers profits of around $3,000 a month.(full story)

In snub to US, Britain will allow Huawei in 5G

AP - 01:45PM EST
LONDON (AP) — Britain decided Tuesday to let Chinese tech giant Huawei have a limited role supplying new high-speed network equipment to wireless carriers, ignoring the U.S. government's warnings that it would sever intellig(full story)

Stocks move higher on Wall Street a day after a big

AP - 01:45PM EST
Stocks moved broadly higher on Wall Street in afternoon trading Tuesday, reversing most of the indexes' losses from a sell-off the day before.(full story)
PFE: 38.22 (-1.94), HOG: 33.75 (-1.09)

'American Dirt' Latino backlash part of long

AP - 01:39PM EST
During a trip to Mexico to visit family, writer Myriam Gurba took “American Dirt,” a novel about immigration and cartel violence that was being touted as one of the biggest U.S. releases of 2020. The writer was of most(full story)

In grinding manufacturing slump, 3M cuts another 1,500

AP - 01:35PM EST
A profound slump in manufacturing and a trade war that has slowed economic growth in China has led to a second round of layoffs at 3M, the Minnesota company that, in addition to Post-it notes, makes industrial coatings and ceramic(full story)
MMM: 166.67 (-8.96)

Performance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
$IXM +1.31% +2.41% +16.70%
DJIA +0.81% +3.47% +17.20%
S&P 500 +1.07% +5.87% +23.89%

Growth Rates

YTD -1.77%
1-Year +14.85%
3-Year +26.24%
5-Year +52.73%
10-Year +159.95%

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