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United States|Canada

TSX Composite Index

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-11.09 (-0.07%)
as of 17:01 EST

Last 16,939.61
Change -11.09 (-0.07%)
Open 16,957.06
Prev. Close 16,950.70
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 191,719,008
Avg Volume 200,692,484
Sector All Sectors By Industry

Recent Headlines

Washington state OKs some of the nation's toughest OT

CP - 05:31PM EST
SEATTLE — Washington state is adopting some of the nation's most aggressive overtime rules, restoring protections for hundreds of thousands of salaried workers and taking what supporters say is a crucial step toward rebuildi(full story)

Canada's maple syrup production reaches record high

CP - 02:06PM EST
OTTAWA — Production of two natural Canadian sweeteners moved in opposite directions last season, with maple syrup output reaching a record high and honey volume dropping to its lowest level in several years.(full story)

Canadian auto employment up one per cent as of third

CP - 01:49PM EST
TORONTO — An automotive industry analyst says that despite reported doom and gloom about the sector, average employment in the industry at the end of the third quarter was up one per cent compared with a year ago.(full story)

Garneau says department 'cannot do anything' about Air

CP - 01:41PM EST
OTTAWA — Transport Minister Marc Garneau says he has spoken with Air Canada about problems continuing to plague its new booking system, but that his department "cannot do anything" to resolve the issue.(full story)
AC.TO: 49.39 (+0.83)

Canadians spent $908M at cannabis stores since

CP - 01:15PM EST
OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says Canadians spent $908 million on non-medical cannabis in nearly the first year since legalization.(full story)

Performance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
$TXCX -0.07% +2.99% +15.49%
DJIA +0.11% +5.04% +14.53%
S&P 500 +0.29% +6.85% +19.15%

Growth Rates

YTD +18.27%
1-Year +16.14%
3-Year +11.14%
5-Year +17.16%
10-Year +44.31%

Technical Opinion

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