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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Portland General Electric Company

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-0.16 (-0.29%)
as of Dec 6, 2019

Last 55.33
Change -0.16 (-0.29%)
Open 55.45
Prev. Close 55.49
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 367,600
Avg Volume 475,380
Sector SIC-4911 Electric Services

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
POR -0.29% -2.62% +12.03%
DJIA +1.22% +4.18% +12.30%
S&P 500 +0.91% +5.65% +16.69%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 2.26
Dividend Yield 2.78%
P/E Ratio 24.49
Market Capitalization, $K 4,946,750
Weighted Alpha +10.10
Standard Deviation -0.50
Profit Margin 9.10%
Beta 0.11

Growth Rates

YTD +20.68%
1-Year +11.02%
3-Year +29.58%
5-Year +47.27%
10-Year +171.09%


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Recent Headlines

Portland General Electric announces third quarter 2019

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Fri Nov 01, 05:00AM EDT
Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) today reported net income of $55 million, or 61 cents per diluted share, for the third quarter of 2019. This compares with net income of $53 million, or 59 cents per diluted share, for(full story)
POR: 55.33 (-0.16)

Portland General Electric declares dividend

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Wed Oct 30, 06:33PM EDT
On Oct. 30, 2019, the board of directors of Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) approved a quarterly common stock dividend of 38.5 cents per share, consistent with previous quarters this year.(full story)
POR: 55.33 (-0.16)

Pnm Resources has the Best Relative Performance in the

Comtex SmarTrend(R) via COMTEX - Wed Oct 02, 04:30AM EDT
Here are the top 5 stocks in the Electric Utilities industry ranked by performance. We compiled the trading activity from yesterday and then analyzed the industry looking for stocks that were outperforming. This is what we found(full story)
PNW: 86.20 (-0.39), PNM: 48.78 (-0.05), POR: 55.33 (-0.16)

Portland General Electric schedules earnings release

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Thu Sep 26, 05:35PM EDT
Portland General Electric Company (NYSE: POR) announced today that it will host an analyst conference call and webcast at 11 a.m. ET on Friday, Nov. 1, to review its third quarter 2019 financial results.(full story)
POR: 55.33 (-0.16)

Ten years of PGE customers leading the nation in

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Mon Sep 23, 03:19PM EDT
Portland General Electric (NYSE: POR) and its customers are celebrating a decade of being the nation's leaders in renewable energy during this year's National Clean Energy Week. With more than 204,000 customers voluntarily enrolle(full story)
POR: 55.33 (-0.16)