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No COVID-19 testing at home yet but quicker options coming AP - 09:45AM CDT

U.S. 'wasted' months before preparing for virus pandemic AP - 09:39AM CDT

'Surreal': NY funeral homes struggle as virus deaths surge AP - 09:35AM CDT

Insider Q&A: 'Everyone will suffer' from US-China spat CP - 09:30AM CDT

The Latest: Biden says convention could be held virtually AP - 09:27AM CDT

Grocery workers are key during the virus. And they're afraid... CP - 09:16AM CDT

Chaos and scrambling in the US oil patch as prices plummet AP - 09:12AM CDT

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Market Commentary

Morning Call: U.S. stocks rally on optimism a trade resoluti...
BC Mon Dec 31, 06:37AM CST
Overnight Markets and News Mar E-mini S&Ps (ESH19 +0.95%) are up +0.86% and European stocks are up +0.41% on optimism a resolution to the U.S.-China trade rift may be near after President Trump said he spoke on the phone Saturday... (version intégrale)
Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Retesting 9 Month Plus Downchannel Resistan...
IF Sun Apr 05, 01:09AM CDT
Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is beginning to tire after bouncing for 3 weeks back to near the November 2019 low, and is arguably testing a 9 month downchannel resistance (on the daily chart). Any daily candle closing above the 9 month downcha... (version intégrale)
White Knuckle Week
IF Sat Apr 04, 11:41AM CDT
Things were wild this week but back in... (version intégrale)