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United States|Canada

Nasdaq 100 Micro Mar '20

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+124.48 (+1.71%)
as of Mar 20, 2020

Last 7417.98s
Change +124.48 (+1.71%)
Open 7197.50
Prev. Close 7293.50
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 7552
Avg Volume 693910

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Name Contract Last Change
Nasdaq 100 Micro Jun '20 7870.50 +347.75
Nasdaq 100 Micro Sep '20 7880.00 +357.75
Nasdaq 100 Micro Dec '20 7508.75s -112.50
Nasdaq 100 Micro Mar '21 7486.00s -103.25
Nasdaq 100 Micro Jun '21 7474.00s -101.25

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