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as of Dec 6, 2019

Belarus eyes closer integration with Russia, fueling

AP - 01:41PM EST
MINSK, Belarus (AP) — The leaders of Russia and Belarus sat down for talks Saturday on deepening ties between the two allies — a meeting that triggered a protest in the Belarusian capital.(full story)

Venice tide barriers pass another test but skeptics

AP - 01:00PM EST
VENICE, Italy (AP) — Floated along by barge , one of the 10-ton barriers designed to relieve Venice’s perennial flooding looks like a giant plaything: an oversized hinged yellow Lego.(full story)

Reddit bans accounts, suspects possible UK vote

AP - 02:30PM EST
LONDON (AP) — The prospect of Russian interference in Britain's election flared anew Saturday after the social media platform Reddit concluded that people from Russia leaked confidential British government documents on Brexi(full story)

Protests subside, but economic aftershocks rattle

AP - 01:58PM EST
Port-au-Prince (AP) — The flaming barricades are mostly gone, protesters have largely dissipated and traffic is once again clogging the streets of Haiti’s capital, but hundreds of thousands of people are now suffering (full story)

Nobel laureate: Face up to climate change, no escaping

AP - 11:32AM EST
STOCKHOLM (AP) — An astronomer who shares this year's Nobel physics prize for discovering a planet outside the Earth's solar system is taking issue with people who shrug off climate change on the grounds that humans will eve(full story)