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United States|Canada

U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar

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-0.00098 (-0.07%)
as of 05:38 EDT

Last 126.22
Change -1.85 (-1.44%)
Open 126.52
Prev. Close 128.07
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 23,706,900
Avg Volume 27,344,734

Recent Headlines

GOLD Looks To Decline Further On Medium Term Bear

IF - Mon May 20, 12:54PM EDT
EURUSD broader bias remains lower towards the 1.1109 support zone. Support comes in at the 1.1050 where a violation will turn risk to the 1.1000 level.(full story)

US vs. Global Sector Rotation What Next Part 1

IF - Mon May 20, 10:11AM EDT
In the midst of evolving trade deals and EU elections, where are we going next? Today's article dives deeper into the ongoing price rotations.(full story)

Price Action Trades Weekly Preview: 20th to 24th May

IF - Mon May 20, 02:31AM EDT
Markets Discussed in This Week's Price Action Trades Weekly Preview: AUDCAD, GBPCHF, AUS200 and SILVER.(full story)

EURUSD Broader Bias Remains Lower Towards The 1.1109

IF - Sun May 19, 12:31PM EDT
EURUSD broader bias remains lower towards the 1.1109 support zone. Support comes in at the 1.1050 where a violation will turn risk to the 1.1000 level.(full story)

Confluence of Negative Factors Suggests Continued

IF - Sat May 18, 05:06PM EDT
Influences on supply and demand in the commodities space will likely become prominent and these negative market changes could send oil prices back toward their prior lows.(full story)

Markets on edge once again as the Chinese reportedly

IF - Fri May 17, 09:17AM EDT
China sees little sincerity in the US approach to trade talks. Oil prices trading bid as two new US war ships enter Persian Gulf. Tory/Labour Brexit talks formally break down. Boris Johnson enters Tory leadership race. Broad(full story)

EURGBP Sees Additional Price Strength On Bull Pressure

IF - Fri May 17, 08:27AM EDT
EURGBP sees additional price strength on bull pressure following its recent strength. On the downside, support stands at the 0.8700 level(full story)

Elliott Wave View Calling for Pullback in USDJPY

IF - Thu May 16, 11:54PM EDT
USDJPY shows impulsive move from 4.25.2019. Bounce is expected to fail for further downside.This article shows the short term Elliott Wave path.(full story)

Markets Rally Hard Is The Volatility Move Over

IF - Thu May 16, 09:05PM EDT
Technical Traders' ADL predictive modeling suggests more volatility could be on the way.(full story)

EURUSD Outlook Remains Lower In The Short Term

IF - Thu May 16, 11:21AM EDT
EURUSD outlook remains lower in the short term as we look for more decline to occur. Support comes in at the 1.1150(full story)

US Housing Starts, US Philly Fed, Canadian

IF - Thu May 16, 09:42AM EDT
USDCAD trying to recover after planned Trump auto tariff delay sees broad USD selling yesterday. EURUSD back on the defensive after two failed attempts to get above 1.1220s. Strong US data this morning not he(full story)

Elliott wave Analysis: EURJPY Out Of A Triangle and

IF - Wed May 15, 09:22AM EDT
EURJPY made a clear breach below the lower EW triangle line that was part of a corrective wave iv) of a bigger bearish impulse.(full story)

Risk off flows back in action. US Retail Sales and

IF - Wed May 15, 08:58AM EDT
Traders expecting +0.2% MoM and +0.7% MoM ex. Autos for US Retail Sales. Consensus looking for +0.4% MoM and +2.0% YoY for Canadian CPI. Australian May Consumer Confidence and Q1 Wage Price Index mis(full story)

GBPUSD Retains Its Downside Pressure On Further

IF - Tue May 14, 07:52PM EDT
GBPUSD retains its downside pressure on further weakness. Support lies at 1.2850 as it look for more weakness.(full story)

Trump believes discussions with China will be very

IF - Tue May 14, 09:57AM EDT
S&Ps +20, USDJPY bounces, USDCNH off yesterdays highs. Italys Salvini giving EUR traders an excuse to sell. EURUSD decouples from gold prices for now. Sterling toying with both sides of 1.2930s pi(full story)

Elliott wave Analysis: Interesting Flat on NZDUSD

IF - Tue May 14, 05:40AM EDT
Elliott wave analysis on NZDUSD, and characteristics of an Elliott wave flat pattern.(full story)