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Dow Jones Industrials

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-54.80 (-0.20%)
as of Nov 21, 2019

Asian shares mostly higher despite US-China trade

CP - 01:56AM EST
BEIJING — Stocks logged modest gains Friday in Asia after a lacklustre overnight session on Wall Street ended with the market’s third straight drop.(full story)

China raises estimate of economy’s size

CP - 12:45AM EST
BEIJING — China’s economy was 2.1% bigger than earlier estimated, the government said Friday, revising the gross domestic product for 2018 to 91.93 trillion yuan ($13.1 trillion) based on results of a census.(full story)

How GM ended up suing its crosstown rival

CP - Thu Nov 21, 11:40PM EST
DETROIT — Automakers sue each other on occasion, but no one in Detroit can remember one accusing another of bribing union officials to get an unfair labour cost advantage.(full story)

Restaurant group sues over Berkeley’s natural

CP - Thu Nov 21, 07:59PM EST
BERKELEY, Calif. — Berkeley’s first-in-the-nation ban on natural gas in new construction may end up eroding the region’s reputation for fine and creative dining, according to a California trade association suing (full story)