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Dow Jones Industrials

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-155.39 (-0.53%)
as of 11:06 EST

CAMH urges companies to do more to improve mental

CP - 10:17AM EST
TORONTO — The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Bank of Montreal are partnering to help companies to address mental health issues in the workplace.(full story)
BMO.TO: 103.81 (-0.62)

Make a budget to spot your financial troubles before

CP - 10:00AM EST
TORONTO — In the 11 years Scott Terrio has spent in the financial services industry, he has heard the same thing over and over again: "I should have come in to see you 12 to 24 months earlier."(full story)

GM to open racing tech centre near Charlotte Motor

CP - 09:55AM EST
DETROIT — General Motors is planning to open a new technical centre for performance and auto racing near the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.(full story)

Cannabis price gap increases, as illegal cannabis

CP - 09:46AM EST
OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says the gap between legal and illegal cannabis prices in Canada increased in the fourth quarter of last year.(full story)

'Who is she?' - US Treasury chief takes swipe at

CP - 09:26AM EST
DAVOS, Switzerland — As one of the executive producers of the last Mad Max movie, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin might have been interested in the apocalyptic climate warnings of Greta Thunberg.(full story)