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United States|Canada

TSX Financials Capped Index

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+1.48 (+0.46%)
as of 10:26 EST

Majority of Canadian boards had no female members in

CP - 10:27AM EST
OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says a study of more than 10,000 Canadian boards shows the majority were composed entirely of men in 2016 and 2017.(full story)

Superior Plus to keep specialty chemicals business

CP - 10:09AM EST
TORONTO — Superior Plus Corp. has decided to not sell its specialty chemicals business following a strategic review of the operations.(full story)
SPB.TO: 12.00 (-0.68)

Rental renovation: How to budget and sell your

CP - 10:00AM EST
When Toronto-based Autumn Hachey first spotted her apartment in the west-end neighbourhood of Parkdale on Kijiji, she knew she had a potential project on her hands.(full story)

HBC says new valuation has determined that takeover

CP - 08:24AM EST
TORONTO — A special committee of Hudson Bay's board is reaffirming its endorsement of a buyout of shares to take the company private after receiving an updated valuation, one of the conditions of a deal that was announced ea(full story)
HBC.TO: 10.95 (+0.02)

Britain's EU Journey: When Brexit chaos ensued

CP - 08:05AM EST
LONDON — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Friday after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the 2016 Brexit referendum.(full story)