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TSX Financials Capped Index

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+1.53 (+0.48%)
as of 14:50 EST

HBC minority shareholder files lawsuit to block

CP - 01:15PM EST
A minority shareholder filed a lawsuit today to block a bid to take Hudson's Bay Co. private.(full story)
HBC.TO: 9.17 (-0.05)

Where's my Amazon package? It may be late

CP - 12:19PM EST
NEW YORK — It’s just a week into the holiday shopping season, and Amazon is already having trouble getting packages to shoppers’ doorsteps on time.(full story)

Cannabis stocks' 2019 skid showing few signs of easing

CP - 10:42AM EST
LOS ANGELES — When it comes to investing in cannabis stocks, the marijuana bud's faded bloom has shown few signs of returning this year.(full story)

NATO researchers: Social media failing to stop

CP - 10:18AM EST
LONDON — Social media companies are failing to stop manipulated activity, according to a report Friday by NATO-affiliated researchers who said they were easily able to buy tens of thousands of likes, comments and views on Fa(full story)

Stocks jump as November jobs growth blows past

CP - 10:16AM EST
NEW YORK — U.S. stocks jumped in early trading Friday after the government reported that employers added far more jobs than expected in November.(full story)