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United States|Canada

TSX Financials Capped Index

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+1.82 (+0.58%)
as of Dec 13, 2019

California governor rejects $13.5 billion PG&E

CP - 12:22AM EST
SAN FRANCISCO — California Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected a $13.5 billion settlement that Pacific Gas & Electric struck just last week with thousands of people who lost homes, businesses and family members in a series of dev(full story)

State mounts largest crackdown on illegal pot shops in

CP - Fri Dec 13, 07:13PM EST
LOS ANGELES — California regulators mounted dozens of raids against illegal marijuana retailers in Los Angeles this week, the largest crackdown to date against the city's thriving black market, officials announced Friday.(full story)

AP FACT CHECK: Bloomberg says he's killing coal. He's

CP - Fri Dec 13, 01:30PM EST
WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg broadly, repeatedly — and wrongly — took a huge amount of credit Friday for driving the U.S. coal industry to its knees.(full story)

Teamsters say CN transferring workers across country

CP - Fri Dec 13, 11:45AM EST
MONTREAL — The Teamsters union says Canadian National Railway Co. has begun to transfer workers as part of an apparent move to relocate its rail traffic control centre to Edmonton from Montreal.(full story)
CNR.TO: 118.72 (-0.60)

Samsung signs its first Canadian telecom equipment

CP - Fri Dec 13, 11:30AM EST
MONTREAL — Samsung Electronics has made a first step into Canada's telecommunications infrastructure market with a deal to supply Videotron with equipment for its new LTE Advanced and 5G wireless networks throughout Quebec.(full story)