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United States|Canada

TSX Composite Index

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-15.05 (-0.09%)
as of 12:19 EST

Barrick stock rises after deal struck to sell Super

CP - 11:31AM EST
TORONTO — Shares in Barrick Gold Corp. rose on Monday after the company announced plans to sell its 50 per cent non-operating interest in an Australian gold mine for US$750 million in cash.(full story)

North American stock markets slip lower, loonie up

CP - 11:29AM EST
TORONTO — Canada's main stock index fell in late-morning trading as the price of oil fell and the energy sector lost ground.(full story)

Stocks head lower over mixed signals on trade

CP - 11:07AM EST
NEW YORK — U.S. stocks moved lower in morning trading Monday as investors assessed mixed signals from the latest round of trade negotiations between the U.S. and China.(full story)

Yogurt sales sour as US breakfast culture changes

CP - 10:50AM EST
What’s eating yogurt?(full story)

Midnight strike deadline looms for CN Rail as some

CP - 10:46AM EST
MONTREAL — About 3,200 Canadian National Railway conductors, trainpersons and yard workers could go on strike just after midnight tonight if a deal isn't reached with the company.(full story)
CNR.TO: 123.41 (-0.53)