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United States|Canada

TSX Composite Index

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+21.92 (+0.12%)
as of Jan 23, 2020

New virus could disrupt global economy as markets,

CP - 12:31AM EST
MONTREAL — A deadly new virus that emerged in China is raising concerns beyond the public health sphere as experts warn about the potential economic cost of a global outbreak that is already drawing comparisons to the SARS e(full story)
AC.TO: 48.42 (-0.26)

Cirque du Soleil cancels all performances in Chinese

CP - 12:29AM EST
MONTREAL — The Cirque du Soleil is cancelling all performances in Hangzhou, China to ward off the potential spreading of the coronavirus.(full story)

Airports taking precautions after China virus outbreak

CP - Thu Jan 23, 11:30PM EST
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Airports are adding passenger screenings and taking other precautions to prevent a new virus from being spread by Chinese tourists going abroad for the Lunar New Year holidays.(full story)

Mayor, police pledge action after deadly Seattle

CP - Thu Jan 23, 08:22PM EST
SEATTLE — A shootout in downtown Seattle that left a woman dead and a 9-year-old boy injured was the third violent incident this week in a part of the city long known for rampant drug use and street unrest.(full story)

Need a legal pot shop in California? Grab your

CP - Thu Jan 23, 07:21PM EST
LOS ANGELES — Want to find a legal marijuana shop in California? Grab your smartphone.(full story)