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United States|Canada

TSX 60 Capped Index

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-1,004.26 (-89.42%)
as of 10:45 EST

Yogurt sales sour as US breakfast culture changes

CP - 10:50AM EST
What’s eating yogurt?(full story)

Midnight strike deadline looms for CN Rail as some

CP - 10:46AM EST
MONTREAL — About 3,200 Canadian National Railway conductors, trainpersons and yard workers could go on strike just after midnight tonight if a deal isn't reached with the company.(full story)
CNR.TO: 123.05 (-0.89)

Aimia to revise board in deal with dissident

CP - 07:54AM EST
MONTREAL — Aimia Inc. has reached a deal with a group of dissident shareholders to revise its board of directors and buy back up to $125 million worth of its shares.(full story)
AIM.TO: 3.88 (+0.25)

UK parties make election pitches to wary business

CP - 04:18AM EST
LONDON — The leaders of Britain’s three biggest national political parties are making their pitches to business leaders, trying to persuade skeptical industries that they can end years of economic uncertainty over Brex(full story)

Yahoo Japan, Line to merge business to form online

CP - 04:17AM EST
TOKYO — Online services Yahoo Japan and Line Corp. have announced they are merging.(full story)