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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

American Water Works

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+1.38 (+1.16%)
as of 14:48 EST

Last 120.51
Change +1.38 (+1.16%)
Open 119.15
Prev. Close 119.13
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 467,694
Avg Volume 898,599
Sector SIC-4941 Water Supply

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
AWK +1.16% -0.72% +29.41%
DJIA -0.54% +2.24% +13.41%
S&P 500 -0.49% +3.34% +17.38%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 3.51
Dividend Yield 1.70%
P/E Ratio 33.01
Market Capitalization, $K 21,304,471
Weighted Alpha +26.77
Standard Deviation +0.86
Profit Margin 10.82%
Beta 0.06

Growth Rates

YTD +32.62%
1-Year +29.35%
3-Year +60.21%
5-Year +124.56%
10-Year +435.66%


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Recent Headlines

Pennsylvania American Water Reminds Customers that

BusinessWire via COMTEX - 12:00PM EST
With the start of the holiday season around the corner, Pennsylvania American Water reminds customers not to invite FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) clogs to your gatherings. Along with turkey, gravy, and all the trimmings come fats, (full story)
AWK: 120.51 (+1.38)

Fats, Oils, and Grease Go in the Trash

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Tue Nov 19, 03:35PM EST
Next week, Thanksgiving will kick off the holiday season, bringing friends and loved ones together to celebrate, bond, and most of all eat. Many hours are spent cooking the perfect feast, but not much thought is given to cleaning (full story)
AWK: 120.51 (+1.38)

Pennsylvania American Water Participates in the Fourth

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Tue Nov 19, 11:49AM EST
Pennsylvania American Water will join Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) to recognize the fourth annual Utility Scam Awareness Day on Wednesday, November 20. Utility Scam Awareness Day is part of the week-long National Scam Awa(full story)
AWK: 120.51 (+1.38)

American Water's Unit to Buy Wastewater System for

ZACKS - Mon Nov 18, 09:06AM EST
American Water Works' (AWK) unit is set to acquire wastewater assets of the Borough of Kane Authority. Year to date, it has added 30,700 customers to the existing customer base through acquisitions.(full story)
WTR: 43.89 (+0.52), MSEX: 63.59 (+1.55), YORW: 43.26 (+0.58), AWK: 120.51 (+1.38)

SABESP's (SBS) Q3 Earnings and Revenues Surpass

ZACKS - Fri Nov 15, 09:35AM EST
SABESP's (SBS) Q3 earnings and revenues are better than expected due to higher billed water and sewage volumes.(full story)
WTR: 43.89 (+0.52), AWK: 120.51 (+1.38), CWCO: 16.11 (+0.05), SBS: 12.35 (+0.15)