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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Bank of Nova Scotia

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+0.34 (+0.45%)
as of Oct 11, 2019

Last 75.15
Change +0.34 (+0.45%)
Open 75.00
Prev. Close 74.81
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 1,871,100
Avg Volume 3,648,199

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
BNS.TO +0.45% +6.66% +4.39%
$TXCX -0.05% +0.05% +7.17%
$TXSC +0.02% +0.30% +8.37%
DJIA +1.21% +0.88% +7.04%
S&P 500 +1.09% +0.57% +8.87%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 6.66
Dividend Yield 4.79%
P/E Ratio 11.28
Market Capitalization, $K 91,716,517
Weighted Alpha +6.90
Standard Deviation +0.80
Profit Margin 0.27%
Beta 1.00

Growth Rates

YTD +10.43%
1-Year +4.80%
3-Year +7.05%
5-Year +11.65%
10-Year +66.08%


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Recent Headlines

Scotiabank Supports Empowering Girls to Reach Their

CNW Group via COMTEX - Fri Oct 11, 08:30AM EDT
Scotiabank participates in Plan International's Girls Belong Here initiative in support of International Day of the Girl(full story)
BNS.TO: 75.15 (+0.34), BNS: 56.93 (+0.67)

Scotiabank Economics Q4 Global Economic Outlook

CNW Group via COMTEX - Thu Oct 10, 11:36AM EDT
Scotiabank Economics today published its Q4 Global Economic Outlook report. This comprehensive report explores the effects of US trade policies on global business spending for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.(full story)
BNS.TO: 75.15 (+0.34), BNS: 56.93 (+0.67)

Scotiabank Supports Employee Mental and Emotional

CNW Group via COMTEX - Mon Oct 07, 10:00AM EDT
Scotiabank adds two additional paid personal days for all eligible Canadian employees ahead of World Mental Health Day(full story)
BNS.TO: 75.15 (+0.34), BNS: 56.93 (+0.67)

Your 20-minute education boost is here: Forum for

CNW Group via COMTEX - Thu Oct 03, 12:00PM EDT
Today, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), in collaboration with The Scotiabank Women InitiativeTM, launched a podcast series: The Go-To: For Entrepreneurs in the Know, bringing accessible, free and tangible education to women en(full story)
BNS.TO: 75.15 (+0.34), BNS: 56.93 (+0.67)

Scotiabank delivers Ultimate value and rewards with

CNW Group via COMTEX - Tue Oct 01, 12:35PM EDT
Scotiabank announced today the launch of the Ultimate Package, a new premium banking solution that offers customers even more value and rewards by addressing their saving, spending, and investing needs - all from one package.(full story)
BNS.TO: 75.15 (+0.34), BNS: 56.93 (+0.67)