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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Cadiz Inc

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-0.02 (-0.17%)
as of 09:38 EST

Last 11.53
Change -0.02 (-0.17%)
Open 11.58
Prev. Close 11.55
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 6,885
Avg Volume 145,010
Sector SIC-4941 Water Supply

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
CDZI -0.17% -2.91% +5.10%
DJIA +0.03% +4.16% +10.32%
S&P 500 +0.08% +4.84% +14.10%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS N/A
Dividend Yield 0.00%
P/E Ratio N/A
Market Capitalization, $K 313,250
Weighted Alpha +7.10
Standard Deviation -0.35
Profit Margin -1,032.60%
Beta 0.02

Growth Rates

YTD +11.98%
1-Year +4.34%
3-Year +12.14%
5-Year +1.85%
10-Year -10.74%


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Recent Headlines

Cadiz Subsidiary SoCal Hemp Completes Its First

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 31, 01:42PM EDT
Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ: CDZI) ("Cadiz", the "Company") is pleased to announce that SoCal Hemp LLC, its joint venture subsidiary with Glass House Group, has completed its first harvest of industrial hemp at the Cadiz Valley Ranch in Ca(full story)
CDZI: 11.53 (-0.02)

Cadiz Water Project Recognized as a Top 10

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Mon Oct 21, 01:13PM EDT
Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ: CDZI) ("Cadiz", the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Cadiz Water Project, the Company's public-private partnership with California water providers to make available new, sustainable water supplies and(full story)
CDZI: 11.53 (-0.02)

Cadiz to Present at B. Riley FBR Consumer & Media

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 03, 10:51AM EDT
Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ: CDZI) ("Cadiz", the "Company"), a natural resources leader dedicated to pursuing sustainable projects, announced that Scott Slater, President & CEO, will present at the 5 Annual B. Riley FBR Annual Consumer & M(full story)
CDZI: 11.53 (-0.02)

Environmental Impact Report Addendum for Cadiz Water

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Fri Aug 30, 03:01PM EDT
Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ: CDZI, the "Company") announced today that the Fenner Valley Water Authority ("FVWA") has adopted an Addendum to the Cadiz Water Project's Final Environmental Impact Report ("FEIR") that addresses updates to the(full story)
CDZI: 11.53 (-0.02)

Cadiz Inc.: First NASDAQ-Listed U.S. Company to Enter

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Thu Aug 01, 08:30AM EDT
Cadiz Inc. and Glass House Farms Form SoCal Hemp Co, Creating the Potential to Be the World's Largest Legal Commercial Hemp Operation(full story)
CDZI: 11.53 (-0.02)