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United States|Canada

Live Cattle Aug '20

(CME: LEQ20)
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-0.300 (-0.35%)
as of Apr 3, 2020

Last 84.300s
Change -0.300 (-0.35%)
Open 84.300
Prev. Close 84.600
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 24206
Avg Volume 18782

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Name Contract Last Change
Live Cattle Cash 112.000s unch
Live Cattle Apr '20 88.325s -4.500
Live Cattle Jun '20 80.850s -2.225
Live Cattle Oct '20 88.500s +0.550
Live Cattle Dec '20 92.350s +0.875
Live Cattle Feb '21 97.025s +0.950
Live Cattle Apr '21 99.850s +1.700
Live Cattle Jun '21 93.450s +1.150
Live Cattle Aug '21 93.000s unch

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