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United States|Canada

Sesen Bio Inc

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-0.02 (-2.08%)
as of 20:00 EST

Growing Global Demand for Non-Invasive Cellulite

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Wed May 29, 08:50AM EDT
Cellulite affects 85% to 90% of all women worldwide and was first described nearly 100 years ago, and has been the bane of women (and men) ever since. But to find a 'cure' or effective 'solution' the cause must be understood. Firs(full story)
SOLY: 14.18 (-0.13), BSX: 44.05 (-0.02), SWAV: 43.62 (-0.34), SESN: 0.94 (-0.02), PFE: 40.19 (-0.15)

Positive Results and New Technology Give Rise to

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Wed Mar 27, 08:00AM EDT, a leading investor news resource covering biotech and pharma stocks releases a snapshot looking at the biopharmaceutical market and how monoclonal antibody research is gaining market dominance.(full story)
IPA.VN: 0.640 (+0.010), IPATF: 0.5000 (+0.0100), ZYME: 49.80 (+2.08), ZYME.TO: 33.10 (+0.53), SESN: 0.94 (-0.02), PMN.TO: 0.23 (unch), ARFXF: 0.1752 (+0.0012)

Demand for Cancer Treatment Remains High Despite

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Wed Feb 13, 09:00AM EST
Deaths related to cancer dropped by 27% in the past quarter-century, meaning that 2.6 million fewer people died due to cancer during that time period, according to a report by the American Cancer Society. Researchers noted that fo(full story)
SNETD: 0.3900 (+0.0500), SNET: 0.0103 (+0.0040), SESN: 0.94 (-0.02), CGIX: 4.53 (+0.10), ABIO: 5.82 (-0.04), NAVB: 1.30 (-0.10)