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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Time Warner Inc

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unch (unch)
as of Jun 15, 2018

Last 98.77
Change unch (unch)
Open 98.77
Prev. Close 98.77
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 8,400
Avg Volume 10,269,930
Sector All Sectors By Industry

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
TWX unch +2.47% -0.35%
DJIA +0.09% +3.92% +5.13%
S&P 500 +0.28% +3.95% +6.72%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 6.89
Dividend Yield 1.63%
P/E Ratio 14.05
Market Capitalization, $K 77,269,688
Weighted Alpha -6.00
Standard Deviation unch
Profit Margin 9.25%
Beta 0.88

Growth Rates

YTD +7.98%
1-Year -0.43%
3-Year +12.24%
5-Year +73.86%
10-Year +122.45%


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Recent Headlines

Democrats raise political influence issue in antitrust

AP - Tue Sep 17, 07:33PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats are challenging a new Justice Department probe into a deal between California and four big automakers, accusing the Trump administration of using antitrust powers to target political oppone(full story)
T: 37.81 (+0.02), TWX: 98.77 (unch), S: 6.44 (unch)

Big Tech faces a new set of foes: nearly all 50 US

AP - Tue Sep 10, 05:03AM EDT
Big tech companies have long rebuffed attempts by the U.S. federal government to scrutinize or scale back their market power. Now they face a scrappy new coalition as well: prosecutors from nearly all 50 states.(full story)
TWX: 98.77 (unch), T: 37.81 (+0.02), GOOGL: 1,252.80 (+9.80), MSFT: 139.69 (-0.72)

Elliott invests $3.2B in AT&T, seeks changes

AP - Mon Sep 09, 10:52AM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) — Activist hedge fund manager Elliott Management is making a new $3.2 billion investment in AT&T, roughly a 1% stake, and calling for changes at the company such as selling assets and paying down debt.(full story)
T: 37.81 (+0.02), TWX: 98.77 (unch)

As feds loom, states hit Facebook, Google with new

AP - Fri Sep 06, 06:15PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Two groups of states are and Google in separate antitrust probes, widening the scrutiny of Big Tech beyond and into their market dominance.(full story)
TWX: 98.77 (unch)

CBS, Viacom to reunite as media giants bulk up for

AP - Tue Aug 13, 05:32PM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) — The newly combined ViacomCBS will invest in more movies and TV shows and try to sell more advertising as it seeks to become a bigger player in the growing business of streaming video.(full story)
CBS: 37.78 (-0.32), LGF.B: 8.04 (-0.18), NFLX: 293.35 (+7.07), VIAB: 22.62 (-0.21), CMCSA: 45.93 (+0.33), DIS: 132.37 (+1.51), T: 37.81 (+0.02)