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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Verizon Communications Inc

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+0.31 (+0.52%)
as of Sep 20, 2019

Last 60.29
Change +0.31 (+0.52%)
Open 60.27
Prev. Close 59.98
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 21,409,600
Avg Volume 11,412,335
Sector SIC-4813 Telephone Communications (No Radiotelephone)

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
VZ +0.52% +5.92% +11.75%
DJIA -0.59% -0.56% +1.04%
S&P 500 -0.49% -0.26% +2.09%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 3.83
Dividend Yield 4.02%
P/E Ratio 12.57
Market Capitalization, $K 248,063,156
Weighted Alpha +11.40
Standard Deviation +0.66
Profit Margin 6.12%
Beta 0.52

Growth Rates

YTD +7.24%
1-Year +10.79%
3-Year +14.71%
5-Year +21.14%
10-Year +99.17%


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Recent Headlines

Why you don't need a 5G phone just yet

AP - Fri Sep 20, 02:36PM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) — No 5G iPhone? No problem. You probably don't want one anyway.(full story)
GOOGL: 1,229.84 (-8.91), S: 6.58 (-0.16), VZ: 60.29 (+0.31), T: 37.91 (+0.76)

Winners named for the Verizon 5G NFL Mobile Gaming

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Fri Sep 20, 08:00AM EDT
Verizon and the NFL today announced Colorfiction and Juncture Media as the two Verizon 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge winners. The challenge called on U.S.-based game developers to create a football-themed mobile game that harness(full story)
VZ: 60.29 (+0.31)

Next Resistance Level for Verizon Communic (VZ) is

Comtex SmarTrend(R) via COMTEX - Thu Sep 19, 10:10AM EDT
Shares of Verizon Communic (NYSE:VZ) have bullishly opened above the pivot of $59.78 today and have reached the first resistance level of $60.11. Investors may be interested in a cross of the next upside pivot targets of $60.28 a(full story)
VZ: 60.29 (+0.31)

Verizon to speak at Goldman Sachs Communacopia

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Wed Sep 18, 08:00AM EDT
Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO for Verizon, is scheduled to speak at Goldman Sachs 28th Annual Communacopia Conference on Thursday, September 19, at 8:00 a.m. ET. His remarks will be webcast, with access instructions available on(full story)
VZ: 60.29 (+0.31)

US 5G Study 2019: The Greatest Show on Earth - Focus

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Tue Sep 17, 01:38PM EDT
The "5G: The Greatest Show on Earth! Volume 6: Unplugged!" report has been added to's offering.(full story)
VZ: 60.29 (+0.31)