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United States|Canada

S&P 500 Index

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-30.07 (-0.90%)
as of Jan 24, 2020

Last 3,295.47
Change -30.07 (-0.90%)
Open 3,333.10
Prev. Close 3,325.54
Today's Range
52wk Range
Sector All Sectors By Industry
Standard Deviation -1.84
Weighted Alpha +22.42

Recent Headlines

US says e-commerce firms need to do more about fake

AP - 09:46PM EST
WASHINGTON (AP) — E-commerce has unleashed an increasing torrent of fake merchandise upon the world and private companies and the U.S. government must do more to address the problem, Trump administration officials said Frida(full story)
EBAY: 35.36 (-0.25), AMZN: 1,861.64 (-22.94)

The big lesson from the Bezos hack: Anyone can be a

AP - 08:59PM EST
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — You may not think you're in the same league as Jeff Bezos when it comes to being a hacking target. Probably not, but you — and just about anyone else, potentially including senior U.S. governmen(full story)

Energy firm withdraws permit application for Oregon

AP - 08:34PM EST
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A Canadian energy company has withdrawn its application for a state permit for a controversial natural gas pipeline and export terminal in Oregon, and a project spokesman said Friday it is instead awaiting(full story)

Fiat Chrysler denies union bribery allegations in GM

AP - 07:52PM EST
DETROIT (AP) — Fiat Chrysler is moving to dismiss a racketeering lawsuit filed by rival General Motors, denying allegations that it bribed union officials to impose higher labor costs on GM.(full story)
GM: 34.31 (-0.57)

Protesters fear rising costs if firm buys dot-org

AP - 06:20PM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The company that controls the dot-org universe is trying to sell the online registry to an investment firm for more than $1 billion, drawing opposition from activists who protested Friday and others who fe(full story)
VRSN: 212.75 (-2.27)

Performance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
S&P 500 -0.90% +6.75% +24.72%
DJIA -0.58% +4.69% +18.07%

Growth Rates

YTD +2.00%
1-Year +24.80%
3-Year +44.92%
5-Year +66.69%
10-Year +209.68%

Technical Opinion

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