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United States|Canada

TSX Smallcap Select Index

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+0.10 (+0.08%)
as of Dec 6, 2019

Last 120.98
Change +0.10 (+0.08%)
Open 120.82
Prev. Close 120.88
Today's Range
52wk Range
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Standard Deviation  
Weighted Alpha N/A

Recent Headlines

PG&E says it has reached $13.5 billion wildfire

AP - 01:16AM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pacific Gas and Electric announced Friday it has reached a tentative $13.5 billion settlement resolving all major claims related to the deadly, devastating Northern California wildfires of 2017-2018 that w(full story)
PCG: 9.65 (-0.13)

Elon Musk cleared of defamation in 'pedo guy' tweet

AP - Fri Dec 06, 10:02PM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Elon Musk defeated defamation allegations Friday from a British cave explorer who claimed he was branded a pedophile when the Tesla CEO called him “pedo guy” in an angry tweet.(full story)
TSLA: 335.89 (+5.52)

US digs into Saudi shooting suspect motive in Navy

AP - Fri Dec 06, 07:42PM EST
WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. law enforcement officials were digging into the background of the suspected Florida naval station shooter Friday, to determine the Saudi Air Force officer's motive and whether it was connected to terro(full story)

Netflix executive touts 'golden era' of streaming

AP - Fri Dec 06, 07:33PM EST
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — An executive with Netflix says the streaming giant has boosted its original content exponentially over the last several years and that will mean more action for its production hub in New Mexico, wher(full story)

Report: Fire at Texas facility caused by equipment

AP - Fri Dec 06, 06:56PM EST
HOUSTON (AP) — at a Houston-area petrochemical storage facility that burned for days in March was accidental and caused by equipment failure at a storage tank, according to a report released Friday by local and federal inve(full story)

Performance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
$TXSC +0.08% N/A +1.95%
DJIA +1.22% +4.18% +12.30%
S&P 500 +0.91% +5.65% +16.69%

Growth Rates

YTD +1.95%

Technical Opinion

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