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United States|Canada

Manchester United Ltd

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+0.22 (+1.15%)
as of Feb 20, 2020

Global Employment Law Consultancy, Peninsula Talk

PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX - Tue Feb 11, 05:35AM EST
Global employment law consultancy, Peninsula, today announced an exclusive interview with former Manchester United superstar and entrepreneur, Gary Neville, to discuss his many projects, his relentless drive, and why the art of de(full story)
MANU: 19.34 (+0.22)

Manchester United Plc Announces Second Quarter Fiscal

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Mon Feb 10, 04:21PM EST
Manchester United Plc (NYSE: MANU), one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world, playing one of the most popular spectator sports on Earth, today announced that it will report results for the second quarter fi(full story)
MANU: 19.34 (+0.22)

Sage Payroll: 1-Day Training Course (Manchester,

GlobeNewswire via COMTEX - Fri Jan 24, 09:29AM EST
The "Sage Payroll" training has been added to's offering.(full story)
MANU: 19.34 (+0.22)

Payroll Theory for HR Professionals Training

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Mon Dec 16, 08:04AM EST
The "Payroll Theory for HR Professionals" training has been added to's offering.(full story)
MANU: 19.34 (+0.22)

Agile, Testing and DevOps Showcase Event (Manchester,

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Tue Dec 10, 10:12AM EST
The "Agile, Testing and DevOps Showcase North" conference has been added to's offering.(full story)
MANU: 19.34 (+0.22)