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Symbol Overview

United States|Canada

Mplx LP

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+0.23 (+0.98%)
as of Nov 15, 2019

Last 23.65
Change +0.23 (+0.98%)
Open 23.48
Prev. Close 23.42
Today's Range
52wk Range
Volume 4,205,300
Avg Volume 3,100,195
Sector SIC-4610 Pipe Lines (No Natural Gas)

Perfomance Comparison

Name Today 3-Month 1-Year
MPLX +0.98% -16.70% -28.33%
DJIA +0.80% +4.51% +10.74%
S&P 500 +0.77% +4.76% +14.29%

Key Statistics

Annual EPS 2.29
Dividend Yield 10.88%
P/E Ratio 10.88
Market Capitalization, $K 26,345,131
Weighted Alpha -34.50
Standard Deviation +0.78
Profit Margin N/A
Beta 1.07

Growth Rates

YTD -21.95%
1-Year -30.01%
3-Year -28.25%
5-Year -65.28%


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Recent Headlines

WhiteWater Midstream Announces Major Expansion of the

BusinessWire via COMTEX - Wed Nov 06, 07:30AM EST
Joint venture partners WhiteWater Midstream ("WhiteWater"), MPLX LP (NYSE: MPLX), alongside Agua Blanca lead investor First Infrastructure Capital, today announced final investment decision to proceed with the expansion of the Del(full story)
MPLX: 23.65 (+0.23)

Gary R. Heminger Announces Plan To Retire From

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 31, 06:40AM EDT
Gary R. Heminger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC), today announced his plan to retire from MPC, where he has served as president and CEO since the company's spin-off from Marathon(full story)
MPC: 64.69 (+0.24), MPLX: 23.65 (+0.23)

Marathon Petroleum Corporation And MPLX LP Announce

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 31, 06:35AM EDT
Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC) and MPLX LP (NYSE: MPLX) today announced that Gregory J. Goff, executive vice chairman of MPC and a member of each of the boards of directors of MPC and MPLX's general partner, has electe(full story)
MPC: 64.69 (+0.24), MPLX: 23.65 (+0.23)

MPLX LP Reports Third-Quarter 2019 Financial Results

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 31, 06:30AM EDT
-- Reported third quarter net income attributable to MPLX of $629 million; adjusted EBITDA attributable to MPLX of $1.2 billion, or $1.3 billion including full-quarter results of acquired business(full story)
MPLX: 23.65 (+0.23), MPC: 64.69 (+0.24)

Marathon Petroleum Corp. Reports Third-Quarter Results

PR Newswire via COMTEX - Thu Oct 31, 06:25AM EDT
-- Reported income of $1.1 billion, or $1.66 per diluted share; adjusted income of $1.1 billion, or $1.63 per diluted share(full story)
MPC: 64.69 (+0.24), MPLX: 23.65 (+0.23)